Punk Rock
09.01.84 Panic Stricken Focus Youth Centre
28.01.84 The Milkshakes / The Shakers (A 'Night of Trash') The Grand Hotel, Leigh-on-Sea
06.02.84 Anorexic Dread / Serpents / Beat of The Beast The Pink Toothbrush, Rayleigh
08.02.84 Damarge Chesters
11.02.84 Attila The Stockbroker / Allegiance To No One / Ian Fry The Grand Hotel, Leigh-on-Sea
03.03.84 Kronstadt Uprising / Crown of Thorns The Grand Hotel, Leigh-on-Sea
12.03.84 Bo Diddley The Pink Toothbrush, Rayleigh
16.03.84 The Meteors / The Outer Limits Southend College of Technology
20.03.84 Hawkwind / Bronze Cliffs Pavillion
18.04.84 The Milkshakes / The Prisoners Roundacre, Basildon
10.05.84 The Shakers The Treble Chance, Basildon
13.05.84 Eddie and The Hot Rods / The Shakers The Grand Hotel, Leigh-on-Sea
16.05.84 The Outer Limits The Pink Toothbrush, Rayleigh
23.05.84 New Model Army The Pink Toothbrush, Rayleigh
30.05.84 Doctor and The Medics The Pink Toothbrush, Rayleigh
31.05.84 The Shakers The Dickens
13.06.84 Hanoi Rocks The Pink Toothbrush, Rayleigh
29.06.84 Hanoi Rocks Woods Leisure Centre, Colchester
25.07.84 Anorexic Dread / Puppets Prey The Pink Toothbrush, Rayleigh
27.07.84 Rent Party / The Shakers / The Famous Potatoes Palace Theatre
26.09.84 Echo and The Bunnymen / Lets Active Cliffs Pavillion
01.10.84 Armless Teddies / The Calamity Focus Youth Centre
17.10.84 Le Mat / Plan B The Pink Toothbrush, Rayleigh
20.10.84 Sisters of Mercy Essex University, Colchester
23.10.84 Wilko Johnson Chesters
27.10.84 Depeche Mode Gaumont, Ipswich
05.11.84 The Shakers Focus Youth Centre
06.11.84 The Shakers Chesters
14.11.84 The Shakers / The Famous Potatoes The Pink Toothbrush, Rayleigh
21.11.84 New Model Army The Pink Toothbrush, Rayleigh
23.11.84 Alison Moyet / Person to Person Cliffs Pavillion
24.11.84 The Prey / Armless Teddies The Monkey House, Westcliff Leisure Centre
26.11.84 Armless Teddies Shoeburyness Youth Centre
27.11.84 The Milkshakes Chesters
03.12.84 The Shakers Focus Youth Centre
04.12.84 The Prey / Vertical Hold / The Last Laugh The Pink Toothbrush, Rayleigh
04.12.84 The Shakers Chesters
17.12.84 The Prey / Armless Teddies Focus Youth Centre
18.12.84 The Guana Batz / The Milkshakes / The Prisoners The Pink Toothbrush, Rayleigh
28.12.84 Holy Joe and The Last Electric Showmen / Ava Raj Queens Ballroom
Punk Rock



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