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Jeff Danahay - Vocals / Guitar Julian Ware-Lane - Vocals /Guitar /Harmonica
Chris Kemp - Bass Jeff Danahay - Vocals / Guitar
Gary Evident - Drums Chris Kemp - Bass
  Gary Evident - Drums
86-Mix - Live at Focus - Gary Evident
86-Mix - Live at Focus - Jeff Danahay
86-Mix - Live at Focus - Gary Evident
86-Mix - Live at Focus - Jeff Danahay
...The Story...

86-Mix - Live at TheSpread Eagle - 1981 - PosterFormed in 1980 as a Basildon-based trio (although Chris was from Great Wakering), the original name being 'Dark Deeds On A Lonely Bridge' from a headline in a local newspaper. Julian joined in 1980/81 and some time later band named changed to '86-Mix' (invented by Chris) and their HQ shifted to Westcliff.

They played numerous gigs including Crocs, Canterbury Art College, and some anarchist centre in Wapping, as well as all the usual haunts in Southend (Top Alex, Rascals, Grand Hotel, Focus, Zero 6, Spread Eagle pub, Thorpedene Community Centre, Zhivagos, and others I have forgotten).

Recorded two cassette albums ('The Baby Banjos', 'From The Fridge') and appeared on quite a number of compilations.

86-Mix + The Get - Live at The Grand - 21.02.82 - PosterThey were much loved, and much hated (for instance, they played at the Top Alex on three occasions; thrown off once, and encored twice). Their industrial sound owed much to The Fall, PiL and The Cure, with a bit of A Certain Ratio thrown in. Jeff and Chris split the songwriting, but Julian increasingly took over after joining.

Songs included: The Party, Dark Deeds On A Lonely Bridge, Too Much The Barman, Jump, Déjà Vu, This Man, My City Is A Desert, Your Current Hero, Yellow Check, Permanence, Custodian, Red Rags, Describe Yourself, Seeing The Death.

Broke up in 1982 when first Julian, and then Chris, decided to call it a day.

Profile by Julian-Ware Lane

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