The Convicted
The Convicted / Capitel Rose - Paul, Stuart, Mark and Pete - 1982 Paul Eves - Vocals
Mark Harvey - Guitar
Andi Schurer - Bass (Later Stuart Douglas 1982-3)
Pete (Peat) Melling - Drums
The Convicted - Live at The Cliffs Rock Contest 1981
The Convicted/Capitel Rosé L-R: Paul, Stuart, Mark and Pete
The Convicted (L-R: Andi and Pete) at Cliffs Rock Contest 1981
...The Story...

The Convicted - Early line Up - Mark Harvey, John Dee and Paul EvesThe Convicted were from Southend, existed between 1979 -1983, and consisted of Paul Eves on Vocals, Mark Harvey on Guitar, Andi Schurer on Bass (until 1982 when he left and was replaced by Stuart Douglas) and John Dee on Drums for the first two gigs until he left and was replaced by Pete (Peat) Melling on Drums. Speaking to Andi Schurer in 2005, he said "The first two gigs with John Dee on drums were at Scamps and Crocs, and the Crocs gig ended in a pitched battle between the crowd and the band after Paul Eves punched the singer of The Sinyx, the bands gear was trashed and John Dee left. Pete Melling from the Speedball offshoot 'The Pinks' then joined on Drums." The next gigs were The Grand Hotel, where they had a residency, and The Liberty Bell.

The band wanted to get some of their songs down on tape however, and in 1981 recorded four tracks at Speedball's studio in London Denmark Street with Idiot's Barry Godwin producing and playing keyboards. The songs recorded were 'Didn't Make It', 'Revolution', 'It Was All Lies' and 'On The Streets Again'.

They continued gigging, and according to Andi "The best gig was at The Maritime Room at The Cliffs Pavilion on December 2nd 1982, where we had a capacity crowd and the audience invaded the stage for a run through of Idiot's 'Ging Gang Gooley'."

The Convicted - Early line Up - Mark Harvey, Paul Eves and Andi SchurerHowever, also in 1982, Andi Shurer left the band (to form Puppets Prey) and Stuart Douglas (brother of the guitarist from the Kursaal Flyers) replaced him on Bass. The band also changed their name to Capitel Rosé. Also in 1982, the band went into a studio once more - this time Gateway Studios, and recorded two songs 'Tomorrow' and 'Runaway' for the Dog Rock 12" ep. They then played some more gigs at The Grand Hotel and in London, but eventually split up in early 1983. Apparently John Peel even played 'Runaway' twice but the band had finished by then unfortunately.

After the split, Pete joined Andi in The Prey, replacing Paul Deacon, whilst the others gave up music for good. Andi "The original line up got back together in 1986, but only did one practice before falling out. I'd sum up The Convicted's style of music by saying that it was a cross between The Clash and The Ruts with a bit of Rockabilly thrown in."


'Dog Rock' - Features The Capitel Rose songs 'Tommorrow' and 'Runaway'- 12" ep (Dog Rock Records SD 102- 1982)

'Dog Rock' - Features The Capitel Rosé songs 'Tomorrow' and 'Runaway' - 12" (Dog Rock Records SD 102- 1982)


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