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All logos, photographs, music and trademarks viewed on this site are property of their respective owners. Southend Punk Rock History 1976 - 1986 website is owned by Mr. Steven Pegrum. The comments are property of their posters. This is a non-profit making site. I do respect the rights of authors, photographers and any individuals whose images have been used on this site, and whilst every attempt has been made to track these people down, given the volume and displacement levels involved, this hasn't always been possible. Therefore if you see work here that belongs to you and wish to have it removed please e-mail me. I apologise for any offence caused and hope represented writers, publications, photographers and individuals will be willing to allow their material to remain here and contribute to the organic evolution that is the History of Southend Punk Rock 1976 - 1986.

I would like to thank everyone involved in contributing material to this site and therefore helping it achieve it's goal of becoming the definitive web archive on Southend Punk Rock, as experienced between 1976 - 1986. To this end, thank you to: Giacomino Parkinson for the great photographs and helping to document and keep alive this era of our history, Nick Paul of The Machines for all the great material, quotes and general philosophical ruminations on Punk Rock (and you saw the 100 Club Punk Festival in 1976 you lucky chap!), Andi Schurer of The Psychopaths, The Prey and half of the bands featured herein, Johnny Anderson (Wayne Stallard) for all the great photos and support, Gary Smith and Kevin de Groot for their invaluable contributions, Graham Burnett (New Crimes!), Audie and Dave Oxley for the excellent help with the early Southend Punk Timeline, Michele Sloman and Kim Stone for their truly awesome photo collections and Dave Tulloch (Co-Manager of The Machines, Co-Founder of Strange Stories and Van Gogh promoter in '78).

Thanks also have to go to Dr Feelgood / Wilko, and Eddie and The Hot Rods for helping kickstart this thing we know as 'punk', to all the bands whom kept the flame alive during the '76-'86 era, and finally to every Punk Rocker from the area who lived through these thrilling, exciting and visceral times...

Since going live, the feedback for the site has been overwhelmingly positive, and many people have started to contribute material from their archive, thus enabling the site to flourish and hopefully go from strength to strength. People who have submitted material and need a warm thanks include: Julian Ware-Lane, Bill Bailey, Al Naed, Steve Hooker, Stephen '76' Bulley, Mole (Stax), Iain Weir, Donna Brindley, Mark James, Stephen Dobson, Dave Collins, Mr Flo, Martin & Kim, Nick 'Filf' Robinson, Martin (Carey) from Basildon, Sally Finch, Andy Whiting, Daryl Bamonte, Steve Manuell, Punk '77, Chris Kemp, Paul Langwith, Nick Emmerick, Simon Lawrence, Steve Crancher, Sue from The Vandals, Richard Seager, Kirk Matthews, Warren Kennedy, Ollie Burton, Mark Saunders, Mick Ogden, Rik Wheatley, David Burgess (Budgie), Jeff Mumford, Nikki Lemon, Paul May, Rat, Bob Steele, Dick Yorke, Dizzy at Detour Records, Gini, Bill Ballard, Weeble, Angela Smith, Ray Ellis, Jakki Bannister, Roger Allen, Patrick Parkinson, Gill Oliver, Jo Gahan, Richard 'Riz' Murdock, Jane Mickleboro, Dave Marrable, Ita Foley, Lindsay Sorrell, Bago, Steve Worral, Crispin Coulson and everyone at Chelmsford Wild Youth, including Richard Chester, Pluto, Della Cadd, Kevin Orrin, Stephen 'Basher' Baines, Lawrence Meade, Dominic Candon, Karen Everitt, Jed Southgate, Paul Blows, Theresa Martin and Helen Cave. Thanks too to everyone who have sent enthusiastic comments of encouragement. As always, 'Be Reasonable, Demand The Impossible!'
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