Grinder - L-R: Stewart Clark and Simon Mills
Grinder - Spiderman
Grinder - Terry Lucket
L-R: Stewart Clark and Simon Mills
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Grinder L-R: Simon, Dave and Terry Grinder were from Wickford, Essex and formed in 1977, starting life as 'The Bin Liners'. Their first gig was December 14th, 1977 at Billericay school, supporting Ogre Tales (a band featuring future member Stewart Clark).

Grinder soon gained a reputation for playing a fusion of punk rock and theatre, with Terry Luckett dressed in a different costume for almost every song.

Their main line up consisted of Terry Luckett - Vocals & costumes(!), Simon Mills - Bass, Stewart Clark - Guitar, Dave Smith - Guitar, Graham Filby - Drums and Steve Scott - Guitar/Sax

‘Hits’ of the set in the early days included “Dennis”; “Jim’s a Flasher” and “Spiderman” (The A side of the single on Wax Records).

Perhaps a highlight for the band was wining the Roots Hall Battle Of The Bands competition in 1980, beating Alison “Alf” Moyets band into 2nd place.

During the bands time together, they mainly played gigs in Basildon, Southend and Northfleet, Kent. They seemed to almost be resident at Basildon’s Van Gogh pub for a few years, and in fact were invited to play at the Grinder L-R: Stewart, Terry, Graham and Simonvenues last ever gig. That night Grinder supported heavy metal act Samson, who unfortunately managed to empty the building!

In 1982 Terry left the band and if Outrageous Flesh (name changed from Grinder) were to carry on, the costumes had to go and a more ‘song’ orientated approach was required. The band carried on gigging for a year or so but finally called it a day as each band member started families.

In 1988 the band reformed to write and record some new songs, which has more or less continued to be the case to this day. Outrageous Flesh are recording a new CD in June 06. The band now consists of Stewart Clark, Simon Mills and Graham Filby.

Profile by Stewart Clark

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Grinder - 'Wickford's So Boring?' - 'Spiderman' / 'Furry Dice' / 'Other People' - 7" Single (Wax - EAR 2 - 1979)

'Wickford's So Boring?' - 'Spiderman' / 'Furry Dice' / 'Other People' - 7" Single (Wax - EAR 2 - 1979)


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