Sonic Violence
Sonic Violence L-R: Elmer, Murray, Andy & Auntie
Auntie - Vocals / Guitar
Andy Whiting - Bass
Murray Blake - Bass
Elmer - Drums
Sonic Violence L-R: Murray, Andy, Elmer & Auntie
Sonic Violence - Live at Reids Poster
Sonic Violence - European Tour Poster
Sonic Violence - Live Poster
Sonic Violence L-R: Auntie, Elmer, Andy & Murray
...The Story...
Sonic Violence - Live at The Pink Toothbrush - FlyerAuntie formed Sonic Violence in January 1986, out of the ashes of The Sinyx. Speaking to Marco Gariboldi of 'Fabryka Industrial Rock Magazine' in 2010, Auntie said the band was formed around the idea of "Wouldn't it be good if Killing Joke were REALLY vicious. The Sinyx had gradually become less political and more philosophical in outlook, matched to a darker, heavier musical style. However, I wanted to move / progress on further than I thought was appropriate with The Sinyx, so I shaved off my Mohican and formed Sonic Violence." The initial line up of the band didn't gig, but after a period of writing new material and recruiting a new line up, rehearsals began in early 1988.

Spencer Blake (ex-Kronstadt Uprising) was initially on Vocals, but things didn't work out, and so Murray Blake (Also ex-Kronstadt Uprising) and Auntie took over for joint Vocal duties. This new line up also was unique in that it had two basses - As Auntie said to Marco "I opted for two basses in the new line up – one (Murray) with as much bass tone as possible to shake the floor/intestines and the other (Andy – ex-Sinyx) with light strings and razor sharp treble to assault the ear drums and add an edge to my guitar. With a good mix, this combination was awesome live (but never recreated adequately in the studio) and gave us a very unique sound. I remember someone saying they felt like they'd been beaten up after one of our gigs – result!"

Sonic Violence - Live at Reids, SouthendWith the line up now set (Auntie - Vocals/Guitar, Murray - Bass, Andy - Bass, Elmer - Drums) the band recorded the 'Sacrifice To Strength' 12" at Southend's Pier Hill Studios, and the release featured striking cover art by artist Spolly. The band issued it on their own Label 'to demonstrate serious intent.' The same line up recorded the 'Jagd' Album for Peaceville Records, which was released in 1990. Gaining a reputation as pioneers of the Industrial / Grind Metal scene, the band began to play in earnest, making forays into Europe.

As Auntie put it to Nina of 'Fabryka Industrial Rock Magazine' ''My favourite appearances with SV were mainly in Europe rather than the UK – the Batcave in Tilburg, NL and The Epple Haus in Tubingen, Germany were two of my favourites. There weren't any good clubs in our part of the UK and we didn't actually play very often. In fact, we found it very hard to get venues to take us, especially before we signed to Peaceville." The band continued with this line up until 1991, when Bill joined on sampler ('I wanted to use it as an extra tool to pound people into the floor with' as Auntie put it). This, along with debates about the Label caused a splinter in the group's line up, with Auntie departing and the band following a different track until their demise in 1994/5.

Sonic Violence Mk 2 featured Paul on Bass and Peri on Drums / Percussion. As Paul put it to 'Fabryka Industrial Rock Magazine' "The new line-up, now drums, percussion, sampler and 2 basses, then had to find its identity and produce a new album in about 6 months. Not ideal, we wanted more time, but Peaceville wanted a record… such is the way of these things. Hence the 'Transfixion' album was more an album of a band finding its feet, trying to find a new direction and without the time to exert the quality control that it should have been given time to do. The band toured to promote the album but without any support from Peaceville/Dreamtime it was clear that we'd both go our separate ways. After the split with the label we self-released The Blastecyst Mixes 12" and continued writing and touring, the final release being a split 7" with Headbutt. These last releases were pretty much sampler based tracks & remixes as, without a label, economics were now dictating how we recorded. The band finally split in '94 or '95 with sufficient material for an album, but the frustration of not having the money to pay for a recording session.'

This era of the band also played Europe frequently, as Paul said "most of our gigs were in mainland Europe. Reithalle in Berne, Centre Culturel Mirabeau in Marseille, L'uisine in Geneva, Clandestino in Faenza, Epplehaus in Tubingen, AZ in Saarbrüken were all very supportive as were plenty of other places that I should probably mention but it was a long time ago and I have an abysmal memory for such facts.'

The band finally ended in the mid-1990's.

Thanks to Marco and Nina Gariboldi of 'Fabryka Industrial Rock Magazine' for use of their Interview. To read the Interview in full, please follow the link on the Links page.
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Sonic Violence - 'Sacrifice To Strength' - 12"

'Sacrifice To Strength' - 12" (Sound Violation Promotions - 1989)

Sonic Violence - 'Casket Case' - 12"

'Casket Case' - 12" (Peaceville - 1990)

Sonic Violence – 'Jagd' - LP

'Jagd' - LP (Peaceville - 1990)

Sonic Violence – 'Transfixion' - LP

'Transfixion' - LP (Dreamtime - 1992)

Sonic Violence – 'The Blastecyst Mixes' - 12"

'The Blastecyst Mixes' - 12" (Sound Violation Promotions - 1993)

Sonic Violence / Headbutt - 'Nedrevet Og Strukket' - 7" Single (Split)

'Sonic Violence / Headbutt' - 7" (Split) (Not On Label - 1994)



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