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Stax Century - Paul 'Mole' Morris Paul 'Mole' Morris - Vocals
Darren Ward - Guitar
Steve Brown - Bass
Steve Morris - Drums
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Stax Century
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Stax Century - 'Stax Attack' FanzineStax Century's beginnings go back to 1980. As vocalist Paul Morris told Southend Punk: 'In the Winter of 1980 two lads wanted to be pop stars...we can't be that I said, we ain't got a band, so let's start one'. So, a band was duly put together. Mole: 'Stax was formed...we got it from turning the pages of the NME and pointing to words. Well the first recording was 'Waiting for The Witch Trials', which was Philip Smith on Bass and Vocals and me on Drums, which I got from a tax rebate, and walking past Honky Tonk Music I saw some drums in the window and I bought the buggers for 300 quid'.

Continuing the story, Mole said 'Well I met Steve Morris (also known as Mole) and he took over my drums, so they made me sing the bastards...things didn't go too well with Phil so instead of sacking him we all left the band and reformed as Stax Century'. So, 'After three rehearsals we had nine playable tunes and played our first gig at The Monico on Canvey Island on September 22nd, 1982.'

The band's line up would remain pretty stable in the coming years, although personnel changes did include the band's line up featuring Jason Sherwin on Bass at one time. Also, in the mid-'80s the band added a keyboard to their sound, played by David Rollisson. Stax Century were together for most of the 1980's and regularly played around London and the South-East. They also started a fanzine - 'Stax Attack' - which tabulated the band's history.

Stax Century - FlyerStax songs such as 'Mystery Unfolds', 'No One Else Shall Have Flowers', 'Raintime', 'As In Self' and 'Colourful Sound' could be regularly heard in the Southend area when the band played at local venues such as Focus, The Swag Club, The Grand, Chesters, The Pink Toothbrush, The Rocheway in Rochford and more. The band were also included on the Lampshade 'Southend Rock' video in the late '80's.

Speaking to the Echo's Alan Wheeler about their songs meanings and style, Paul Morris said 'One of our songs - 'Second From The Left' - is about Ian Curtis, but I don't know what style our band is. My favourite bands are The Psychedelic Furs & Joy Division.' In a further article, regarding the lyrics, Paul said 'They don't rhyme and even I don't understand them, they are like waking dreams. The songs are not complaining, they are about personal experiences'.

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Stax Century - 7" Single (Canvey Jank Records - 1981)

'Stax Century' - Features The Stax Century songs 'It's So Dark' & 'On The Town' - 7" (Canvey Jank Records - 1981)


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