Sticky Fingers
Sticky Fingers (L-R: Mark Russell, Paul Bunker, Jim Pankhurst, Kirk Rogers & Paul Moore)
Paul Moore - Vocals
Mark Russell - Guitar
Kirk Rogers - Guitar
Jim Pankhurst - Bass
Paul Bunker - Drums


Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers
Sticky Fingers
Sticky Fingers
Sticky Fingers - Live
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Sticky Fingers (L-R: Paul Bunker, Kirk Rogers, Jim Pankhurst, Mark Russell & Paul Moore)Sticky Fingers were a five piece band formed at Southend Tech Art College in 1984. Original Members were Paul Moore (vocals), Neil Challis (lead guitar), Dan Potterton (drums), Mark Russell (rhythm guitar) and a chap called Gary on bass who was later replaced by a chap called Paul. Although they weren’t a Stones cover band they took their name from the iconic 1971 zip album. Their first gig was with a host of local bands at The Seevic College in April 1984, this was soon followed by gigs at The Focus Youth Club and The Grand Hotel with one final gig in November 1984 at the Blue Boar before a change of line-up.

Pages from Sticky Fingers MagazineIn early 1985 Paul Moore and Mark Russell recruited college friends; Paul Bunker on drums, Jim Pankhurst on bass and Kirk Rogers on rhythm guitar, this was the line-up that would last for 3 years. With a new set list and sound they played over 20 local gigs between February and July of 1985 gaining a reputation of being an impressive live act, playing high energy 60’s Rhythm & Blues, which seemed to attract a mixed following of punks, gothics, hippies and rockers. In the summer of 85’ the band recorded their first demo which consisted of 3 tracks, ‘Like I Do’, ‘Stick Around’ and ‘She Ain’t no Slave’.

The band continued playing local venues and festivals before venturing out onto the London circuit in early 1986. For six months they played at well known venues such as The Mean Fiddler, The Rock Garden, The Swan and Kings Head at Fulham and The Prince of Orange. Reputation grew as they became a great support act opening for the likes of The Zodiac Mind Warp, The Purple Hearts and The Prisoners. In 1987 Sticky Fingers went back in the studio for another session, recording ‘Salepado’ and ‘Hot Buttermilk Soft Cough Candy’ it was around this time their sound evolved from 60’s R&B to psychedelic rock, this resulted in a name change to ‘The President Fingers Hat Band’.

Listen to: Salapado >
Listen to: Hot Buttermilk Soft Cough Candy >

 'The President Fingers Hat Band'They continued to gig locally under the new banner and in early 1988 they played their final show at The Saks Club, Southend. Although the new material was well received the band had already developed a rift due to conflicting ideas and after Mark Russell called it a day the band split in the spring.

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