The Icons
The Icons - Copper & John at Focus
Copper - Vocals
Filf - Guitar
John Edwards - Bass
Peanut - Drums
Filf enjoying a beverage
The Icons - Copper & John at Focus
The Icons - Filf enjoying a beverage (photograph by Giacomino Parkinson)
...The Story...

The Icons - Shock Issue - Lyric Booklet to DemoThe Icons formed in 1979 and lasted about a year, and in the process played some great punk rock gigs ('Jim Can' live was fantastic) and left behind one demo of some of their songs. Discounting the name 'The Stimulators', they used the name The Squats until they found the name The Icons, which they found more meaningful. They originally used to be a five piece with a guitarist called Dick, but things didn't work out with him, and latterly a guitarist called Corpse briefly played with them, but the classic line up of the band was Copper - Vocals, Filf - Guitar, John - Bass and Peanut - drums.

"Nuclear Power, it's just a show of strength 'We've gotta use it, it's part of our strength', Windscales the dustbin for all atomic crap, only one mistake to blow us off the map." 'Atomic Cremation'.

Their fist gig together was as The Squats at Focus - drummer Peanut was in hospital so, as Filf explained in New Crimes #3 "We got Pete Melling to drum for us. We got him about 5 minutes before we went on. It was really was just a laugh. We had about four or five songs", he said "our first serious one as The Icons was at Shrimpers in the rock competition. All this lot were pissed and I was the only sober one. We did all right though, I think we were about the only band that people were actually dancing to. I think we came about third...Because we didn't win Alien (of Sinyx fame) ran up to Jon Paul and hit him. That's why he got banned. Nowadays he goes in disguised in a kaftan and smoking joints so Jon Paul will let him in (laughter)".

"You can be a big man you can act real flash, if the uniform fits you can earn the cash, a chance of a lifetime to hold your own gun, you can shoot people, 'yes it must be fun'".'Dead End Job'.

The band had a variety of songs, and when asked what they sing about, they had this to say: "All the usual things", said Filf, "It's mostly pacifist stuff" said John. "We do one about the army, one about nuclear power, er... one about my ex-girlfriends mum who sort of tried to take over my life. There's one we do about a chemical leak at a place called Seveso...It was conveniently kept quiet in the local press..." said Filf. When the band had started, they had incorporated cover versions by bands such as The Sex Pistols ('Belsen was a Gas') and The UK Subs, but had soon developed quite a lot of originals, and so on the 01.11.80 recorded a demo ('All tracks recorded live no 'effects' used') at Spectrum Studios in Westcliff, comprising the following tracks: '5:15', 'Zone A', 'Dead End Job', 'Jim Can', and 'Atomic Cremation'.

Not long after it's completion however, the band spit up and went their separate ways. John Edwards went on to play bass in the Sinyx, then for Allegiance to No One / The Cat Jugglers. Filf also went on to join the Sinyx, and then later he played guitar in Kronstadt Uprising.

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Various Artists - 'Southend Punk Volume One' - Angels in Exile Records (AIECD 004) - Features The Icons song '5:15'

'Southend Punk Volume One' - Features The Icons song '5:15' - CD (Angels in Exile Records AIECD 004) - 2020



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