1979 - 1980 1981 1982
Alien - Vocals Alien - Vocals Alien - Vocals
Paul Brunt - Guitar Filf - Guitar Auntie - Guitar
Auntie - Bass John Edwards - Bass John Edwards - Guitar
Vints - Drums Auntie - Drums Andy Whiting - Bass
    Steve Pegrum - Drums
The Sinyx Live at The Grand 30.05.82 - Alien - Photograph by Graham Burnett
The Sinyx 1981 L-R: John Edwards, Alien, Filf & Auntie - Photograph by Giacomino Parkinson
Live at The Grand 30.05.82
The Sinyx 1981 L-R: John Edwards, Alien, Filf & Auntie
...The Story...

The Sinyx - Live at The Triad, Bishops Stortford - 06.07.80The Sinyx formed in the Summer of 1979 and played their first gig at the Focus Youth Centre in early 1980. The bands first line up consisted of Alien on Vocals, Paul Brunt on Guitar, Auntie on Bass and Vints on Drums. The bands name was based on the name of the ancient Greek movement of anti-societal rebels 'The Cynics'. They quickly attracted a fervent local following amongst the regions Punks and Skins, and began playing concerts further afield with groups sharing a similar outlook, including the Epileptics / Flux of Pink Indians, The Eratics and local band The Icons.

A seven-song demo tape was recorded on the 01.03.80 at the Elephant Recording Studios, Wapping, with tracks drawn from their current set, consisting of '9-5 Auschwitz', 'Bullwood Hall', 'Therapy Through Violence', 'Camouflage', 'Britain is a Mausoleum', 'Mark of the Beast' and 'Automaton'. Crass chose one of the tracks - 'Mark of the Beast' - for inclusion on a compilation of Punk bands called 'Bullshit Detector Volume One' which was released that same year on their label. Also that year, a second demo was recorded by the band on the 06.09.80, but was never released - Recorded at the Lower Wapping Conker Company in London, Barry Martin was at the control desk, and they recorded four songs: 'Suicide', 'Britain is a Mausoleum', 'Decadence' and 'Animal'.

"I am not an animal, why treat me like an animal?, why try to make my life small?, I am not an animal, The only animal round here is you, uncivilised in all you do, like a dog you try to train me, ideal pet I will not be." 'Animal'.

Following the release of ''Bullshit Detector Volume One', the band embarked upon a period of solid gigging, but all was not well in the Sinyx camp, and in late 1980, a reshuffle of the band personnel occurred. Alien continued singing, whilst Auntie switched to Drums, and new members Filf and John Edwards (both ex-Icons) joined on Guitar and Bass respectively. This line up quickly established a newer, slowed down and more intense sound and set about writing new material, such as 'Fight', 'Nausea' and 'Excommunication'. The band recorded two different practice sessions at their regular studio - the infamous Daves (used by just about every key local punk band of the era!) - and thus the session from 22.02.81 was released on Blot Tapes, containing the tracks 'Britain is a Mausoleum', 'Therapy Through Violence', 'Excommunication' and 'Camouflage'. The session from 10.05.81 was released on New Crimes Tapes ('New Criminals Volume One') run by Graham Burnett, and contained 'Animal', 'Suicide' and 'Fight'. The band often organised their own gigs and played many concerts in and around London and the South-East during this period, and later in 1981 the band went into Spectrum Studios in Southend and recorded four tracks for what would later be released as 'The Black Death ep' on the Reality Attack label.

"Bring those with no mind and throw them on the cart, the dregs of mankind the people with no heart, the plague is here but we have nothing to fear Bring Out The Dead...".'The Plague'.

The Sinyx - Live at The Focus Centre, Southend-on-Sea - 1981The tracks were 'Decadence', 'The Plague','Animal' and 'Zulu'. The record did well in the Indie / Punk charts and consolidated the Sinyx';s growing position within Punk circles. Upon its release however, the band, repeating a familiar pattern, had another line up change. Alien remained on vocals, and Auntie, the other Sinyx co-founder, switched to Guitar. John Edwards moved on to Second Guitar, and new members Andy Whiting played Bass, and Steve Pegrum (of the Kronstadt Uprising) played Drums. With an intense period of rehearsing the old set and writing new numbers occupying the first couple of months of 1982, from March 1982 onwards the band set about gigging with a renewed fervour and their best sounding set to date. The band debuted the new line-up at the Forest Gate centre on 26.03.82, alongside the Mob and Rudimentary Peni. More concerts followed, a highlight of which was their performance at the Centro Iberico, in West London with the Mob on 01.08.82. The band was starting to seriously gel and potent new material such as 'David's Star', 'Charles Manson/g' and 'Kiss of Death' was being developed.

"Twilight, daylight of your life, spend your young days working for, then you are put out to grass, try and force me I will shout, my silence price is not too high, 'cos freedom's not too much to ask".'Decadence'.

The Sinyx - Live at The Centro Iberico, London - 01.08.82 - Steve Pegrum on DrumsHowever, after a concert at the Moonlight club in West Hampstead, London, with Rudimentary Peni and Riot/Clone on the 11.09.82, founder member Alien left the band, feeling that they had achieved all they set out to do, with Drummer Steve Pegrum leaving not long after also. The band did continue on with other members until 1985 (namely Vocalist Mark Bristow whom had sung briefly with The Sinyx before, as well as The Sickies, and Donald Frame on Drums whom had played with Anorexic Dread) and played a few concerts, but essentially this marked the death-knell of the band and the end of The Sinyx.

The final number to be written by the 1982 line up - 'Blasphemer' - the groups most intense song to date, would indicate the future direction to be taken by the band, and would form the basis of Auntie's new group, 'Sonic Violence', whom would go on to much critical acclaim in the late 1980's/early 1990's. Auntie formed Sonic Violence with Andy Whiting (Whom also contained Murray Blake ex-Kronstadt Uprising). Alien formed the Provisional Southend Poetry Group with local colleague Ian Fry, before moving into writing. Vints went on to play in The Nihilist Corps and K-Mosaic, Filf went on to play in The Kronstadt Uprising, John Edwards played Bass in Allegiance To No One / The Cat Jugglers and Steve Pegrum continued with The Kronstadt Uprising before forming The Ghosts of Lovers and The Hearts of Darkness. Paul Brunt is currently MIA.

The Sinyx's most active and creative period was 1980 - 1982 however, and they certainly earned themselves a key position in the second wave of punk, and 'The Plague', as heard on the CD 'Anti-State' (OVER 105 VPCD), gives some indication of their intense, hypnotic sound.

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'Bullshit Detector Volume #1' - Features The Sinyx song 'Mark of The Beast' - LP (Crass Records 421984/4 - 1980)

'Bullshit Detector Volume #1' - Features The Sinyx song 'Mark of The Beast' - LP (Crass Records 421984/4 - 1980)

'The Black Death EP' - 'Decadence' / 'The Plague' / 'Animal' / 'Zulu' - 7" EP (Reality Attack R.A.F. One - 1981)

'The Black Death EP' - 'Decadence' / 'The Plague' / 'Animal' / 'Zulu' - 7" EP (Reality Attack R.A.F. One - 1981) (AntiTodo Records - AntiTodo 019 - 2017)

'Anti-State' (Anarcho Punk Comp Vol #2) - Features The Sinyx song 'The Plague' - CD (OVER105VPCD - 2005)

'Anti-State' (Anarcho Punk Comp Vol #2) - Features The Sinyx song 'The Plague' - CD (Overground OVER 105VP CD - 2005)

The Sinyx - 'Britain is a Mausoleum' - CD

'Britain is a Mausoleum' - The Sinyx - Compilation - CD (Grand Theft Audio - GTA 065 CD)

Various Artists - 'Southend Punk Volume One' - Angels in Exile Records (AIECD 004) - Features The Sinyx song 'Animal'

'Southend Punk Volume One' - Features The Sinyx song 'Animal' - CD (Angels in Exile Records AIECD 004) - 2020


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