The Three Mothers
The Three Mothers - L-R: Wayne, Keith, John and Gary Wayne Beadle - Vocals
John Jenkins - Guitar
Gary Higgs - Bass
Keith Weight - Drums
The Three Mothers - L-R: Keith, Wayne, John and Gary
L-R: Wayne, Keith, John and Gary
The Three Mothers - Promo Photo
...The Story...
The Three MothersThe Three Mothers were formed in 1982 from the ashes of previous bands such as John Jenkins's ex-band, The Objects, whom had played around Basildon doing mainly original numbers with a set bolstered by a few punk staples by bands such as The Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Damned. After the bands dissolution, John from Basildon decided to change direction away from the standard three chord approach to guitar playing, investigating a more expressive style, and put a new band together to do this, called Hollow Scream. Their influences were more along the lines of The Cure, Southern Death Cult and Bauhaus.

After giging around Basildon (at venues such as The Roundacre & Trinity Hall), drummer Martin Carey moved away and the band splintered and evolved into The Three Mothers. John had met Keith Weight (ex-drummer of Southend band The Void) at Crocs. Keith then introduced John to bassist Tim Vogt. After various rehearsals, Tim's commitments with other bands conflicted however and The Three Mothers looked for a new bass player. John and Keith arranged to meet some like minded musicians at The Spurts practice place in Rayleigh (known as The Bungalow). After successful rehearsals with Gary Higgs and Wayne Beadle (from The Occult), the band was fully formed and were ready for their first gig ( Focus, Southend, November 11th 1983).

Songs performed included their own compositions such as 'Hope', 'Messiah' and 'Misery' amongst others, and which were recorded live onto a two track tape machine. Various gigs followed at venues such as The Blue Boar and The Grand Hotel. However, the bands demise started with the inevitable girlfriends, and the last straw was 'the peanut butter sandwich incident', which occurred whilst playing the song 'Life Has Changed' (now known as 'The Slice Has Changed'.) After Keith left the band they enlisted Craig Thorne as the new drummer and the band carried on for a while, doing more dates around Essex before finally splitting up.

John Jenkins carried on with his own solo career as well playing in the band Shallow Dance. Wayne and Craig joined The Prey and Gary played in other local bands.

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