The Vandals
The Vandals - Sue, Alf & Kim Alf - Vocals
Kim Forey - Backing Vocals
Sue Paget - Bass
Rob Allen - Guitar
Simon Kirk, Replaced By John Dee (a.k.a. Dearlove) - Drums
The Vandals
L-R: Sue, Alf + Kim (Photograph c/o Strange Stories)
The Vandals (Illustration c/o 'Some of That')
...The Story...

The Vandals - L-R: Kim, Alf and Sue (Photograph care of Richard Seager's Archive)By 1978, the waves from the initial punk explosion were starting to hit everywhere, and in Basildon, three girls - Alf, Kim and Sue - decided to pick up the punk gauntlet and form a band that became known as The Vandals. The original idea had been to have a band with no drummer, just the three girls and a guitarist - Rob Allen. Alf wrote the lyrics and together with Rob wrote the music as well. 'Some of That' fanzine described their music as "Simple, basic, three chord, breakneck speed punk anthems...they were brilliant, essential and very relevant". Song titles included 'Poser', 'Dead Loss', 'Dead End', 'Plastic Smile', a version of Cilla Black's 'Young Love' and their piece de resistance ' I Love my Guitar'.

The band had just a few rehearsals before playing their first gig at The Grand Hotel, Leigh-on-Sea, on April 14th 1978. By now, Simon Kirk had been brought in to fill out the sound. The gig made a huge impact on 'Some of That' writer Jersey Bean, whom said of the gig "The place was packed and they didn't go down brilliantly, but I was sold from the beginning". The Vandals themselves kept abreast of the punk scene, and went to as many gigs as possible, but their key concern was getting things going in their own town. Continues Jersey Bean: "They had many gigs but hardly rehearsed which made the gigs all the more wild and spontaneous. They soon picked up a reputation and a hardcore small following around town. After much persuasion they played Woodlands, then pretty much any gigs anywhere, mainly at The Van Gogh and Woodlands."

It was soon decided that Simon wasn't the right sort of Drummer for the band, and Southend's infamous John Dee joined them, as he was fresh form his time with The Machines. One of the more memorable nights the band played occurred on August 2nd, 1978, when, according to Jersey Bean "Over 60 Skinheads invaded Woodlands, but Alf just snarled and the band carried on, determined not to beaten". Also, "The best gig musically was at The Van Gogh (August 14th, 1978) the the PA was crystal clear and brilliant. Rob rolled all over the place, making love to his guitar, with strings breaking left, right and centre. Alf and Kim were screaming as if for their lives, and Sue and John Dee kept the rhythm beautifully".

The Vandals"On October 2nd they supported Raped at The Van Gogh. It was a great night with all the hardcore street kids there supporting not just Raped, but The Vandals especially". says Jersey Bean, " But the best gig for everyone was the Southend Art School Xmas dance on December 11th 1978 at The Grand Hotel. The crowd went ape shit - the atmosphere was electric and the gig was tremendous".

In summing up, Jersey Bean says "The Vandals survived (as The Vandals) for just over a year but the feelings and attitudes behind them stem across 2 1/2 years. Two and a half years of anarchy, chaos and fun. The Van Gogh is not to be forgotten, but it's Woodlands that hold the best memories".

After the split, Alf would go on The Vicars, The Screaming Ab-Dab's, Yazoo with Vince Clarke and then achieve global fame under her own name of Alison Moyet. Sue went on to play in another band with Alison, then Hitler's Pyjamas, Captain Strange,The Objects, No Romance in China (with Vince Clarke) and one or two other bands. Rob Allen is playing in Marlow (with Gary Durant) and John Dee would go on to The Electric Shocks, soon shortened to The Shocks, The Deciballs and then reggae bands Bushfire and Charas. Kim and Simon are currently MIA, but their star sure burned brightly for its time and a great legacy has been left.

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'Pete Zear - 'Tomorrows World' c/w ''Fast Food' - 7" Single (Pete Zear Records ZZ-1 - 1979) - Features Backing Vocals by The Vandals

'Pete Zear - 'Tomorrows World' c/w ''Fast Food' - 7" Single (Pete Zear Records ZZ-1 - 1979)

The pressing was 1,000

Vocals / Guitar - Pete Zear
Bass - Vince Segs
Drums - Dave Ruffy

Backing Vocals - Alf, Kim and Sue (The Vandals)

Produced by Rat Scabies


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