Deeno's Marvels
Deeno's Marvels
Ollie Burton - Vocals
Dean Kennedy - Guitar and Vocals
Warren Kennedy - Guitar
Tramp - Bass
Buzz Barwell - Drums
Deeno's Marvels - 1977
L-R: Ollie, Warren (Standing), Dave, Rob and Dean (Sitting)
Deano's Marvels -1977
...The Story...
'Deeno's Marvels' Feature #1 - Evening Echo, Monday January 9th, 1978Deeno's (sometimes Deano's) Marvels were one of the key Garage Punk bands that existed in Southend during their lifespan of 1977 - 1979, and have been described as 'combining the showmanship of The Damned with the Canvey Style Rock and Roll of Eddie and The Hot Rods and Doctor Feelgood'.

The band were formed in mid-1977 by Dean, an ex-Hot Rods Roadie, and consisted in their main incarnation of Ollie Burton (ex-Savage) on Vocals, Dean Kennedy on Guitar and Vocals, Warren Kennedy on Guitar, Tramp (ex-Accidents) on Bass and Buzz Barwell (ex-Savage) on Drums.

The band's first gig was upstairs at The Railway Hotel in Clifftown Road on September 17th 1977, and they soon graduated to appearances at the Shrimpers Club and Woodlands, then London venues like the Red Cow, The Marquee and the Nashville Rooms. Peter Clarke ('Clarkie') and Ed Hollis both had stints managing the band, and a demo was recorded by the band at local studio Spectrum in Westcliff, which currently remains unreleased. An Echo report on the band that appeared in John Allan's rock column on 09.01.78 interestingly revealed local venue's attitudes towards punk, for as Dean said "We could not seem to get any local bookings a while ago, and so we assumed we had been banned because people thought we were punk. We prefer to think of ourselves as High Energy Rhythm and Blues."

Deeno's Marvels' Feature #2 - Evening EchoLine up changes occurred within the band in late 1978, as Buzz Barwell and Tramp were replaced by Dave Dyke and Rob Paveley (both ex-Idiot), with Rob switching to Bass. A single had been due to come out for a long time - 'Oil City Rockers' - but this didn't materialise (although many years later the song did end up on the compilation CD 'Punks From The Underground' on Skydog Records). However, the line up of Ollie, Warren, Dean, Rob and Dave did record two songs - their versions of 'Tears of A Clown' and garage staple 'I'm not Like Everybody Else' - for the Southend Rock album which was compiled by Peter Eden and was released on the Sonet label in 1979.

The band would split later that year though, with Dean and Warren Kennedy going on to form and play in The Rubies and The Canvey Island Allstars (C.I.A.), with Dean also going on to be Dr Feelgood's Road Manager. Warren would later go on to play in Eddie and The Hot Rods in the 1980's. Rob Paveley and Dave Dyke would go on to Speedball and Buzz Barwell would go on to play with The Lew Lewis Reformer, The Wreckless Eric Band, The Hamsters, Wilko Johnson and Doctor Feelgood before relocating to Denmark to join the Intellectuals, where he sadly died on 31.01.04.
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Deeno's Marvels- 'Video'


'Southend Rock' - Features Two Deeno's Marvels songs - versions of 'Tears of A Clown' and 'I'm Not Like Everybody Else' - LP (Sonet Records SNTF 806- 1979)

'Southend Rock' - Features two Deeno's Marvels songs - versions of 'Tears of A Clown' and 'I'm Not Like Everybody Else' - LP (Sonet Records SNTF 806- 1979)

'Punks From The Underground' - Features the Deeno's Marvels song - 'Oil City Rockers' - CD (Skydog Records 1997)

'Punks From The Underground' - Features the Deeno's Marvels song - '
Oil City Rockers' - CD (Skydog Records 1997)


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