Playlist: Filf
Punk Rock
1. Anarchy in The UK Sex Pistols
2. God Save The Queen Sex Pistols
3. Complete Control The Clash
4. Orgasm Addict Buzzcocks
5. Gary Gilmore's Eyes The Adverts
6. Pretty Vacant Sex Pistols
7. In a Rut The Ruts
8. Lady Esquire UK Subs
9. Safe European Home The Clash
10. Babylon's Burning The Ruts
11. Your Generation Generation X
12. 100 Punks Generation X
13. Staring at The Rude Boys The Ruts
14. Armagideon Time The Clash
15. The Machines EP The Machines
16. Where Have All The Bootboys Gone Slaughter and The Dogs
17. Rockaway Beach The Ramones
18. Summer of Love London
19. The Magnificent Seven The Clash
20. Jah War The Ruts
21. Chelsea '77 The Maniacs
22. Cranked Up Really High Slaughter and The Dogs
23. Do You Wanna Dance The Ramones
24. I'm Alive 999
25. Public Image Public Image Limited
26. Nasty Nasty 999
27. Shot by Both Sides Magazine
28. No Town Hall EP Crisis
29. I'm an Upstart Angelic Upstarts
30. Borstal Breakout Sham 69
31. Tube Disasters Epileptics
32. No Doves Fly Here The Mob
33. Something Better Change The Stranglers
34. All Around The World The Jam
35. Peaches The Stranglers
36. New Rose The Damned
37. 1970's Have Been Made in Hong Kong Epileptics
38. Neat Neat Neat The Damned
39. Billy Hunt The Jam
40. No More Heroes The Stranglers
41. Suspect Device Stiff Little Fingers
42. Siouxsie Sue London
43. Jumping Someone Else's Train The Cure
44. Do You Believe in The Westworld Theatre of Hate
45. Killing an Arab The Cure
46. Securicor Crass
47. Bloody Revolutions EP Crass
48. She's Lost Control Joy Division
49. Right To Work Chelsea
50. Maybe Tomorrow The Chords
Punk Rock


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