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This section of the site is for people from the Southend punk scene to submit their Top 50 Punk Songs. The key criteria being that they had to be recorded between 1976 - 1986, the period covered by this site. As well as publishing the individual playlists, in the spirit of the late great John Peel's 'Festive Fifty' we aim to attempt to create a definitive chart of the 'Top 50 Punk Songs' of the era, with each song on each playlist submitted constituting one vote. It should also be mentioned that the songs on each individuals playlist are not listed in any particular order.
(Dedicated To:)
John Peel - 1939 - 2004 - R.I.P.
Steve (Cut Throat)
Johnny Anderson
Giacomino Parkinson
Nick Paul
Jim Riel
Andi Schurer
Kevin de Groot
Gary Smith
Bill Bailey Steve 'Devo' Thorogood Dave Crix Dave Collins
Marcus Ward Steve Manuell Simon Lawrence Filf
Mark Saunders Tony Marshall    
The Overall Top 50 as voted for by Southend Punk Rockers
Punk Rock



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