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Places of Punk Significance
This part of the site is dedicated to providing more information on places that had some significance to the Punk era in Southend and the surrounding area. If anyone has any suggestions on places they'd like to see here, please get in touch, and more information will be added. Please especially send any Photos of early gigs at The Queens, Shrimpers, Focus + The Kursaal to the usual address. This part of the site will be continually updated...
Punk Rock
The Kursaal Ballroom
The Queens Hotel
The Chancellor Hall, Chelmsford
Woodlands Youth Club
The Kursaal The Queens Hotel Chancellor Hall Woodlands Shrimpers
Punk Rock
The Van Gogh Laindon Focus Youth Centre Zero 6 The Bungalow
The Van Gogh Laindon Focus Zero 6 The Bungalow
Punk Rock
Heroes Punk Club at The YMCA, Chelmsford        
Punk Rock


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