...Punk Rockers in the UK...
Gallery One
The faces change but the spirit remains
Punk Rockers in The UK
Nick Paul with The Machines - 1977
Steve Manuell (Aka Stevie B) of The Spurts
Dancing to Slaughter and The Dogs - Queens Hotel - 27.07.77
Vanessa, Deeno, Steve and Jackie - 16.09.77
Martin and Kim
Steve (Cut Throat)
The Spurts: L-R: Ralph, Paul and Perry
The Spurts: L-R: Ralph, Dave with beverage and Perry
Karen Williams and Angela Gleewood - Hyde Park - 1979 - Photograph Copyright Janette Beckman
Paul (Dee Mented) + Steve (Cut Throat)
Ralph, Michelle, Paul Langwith, Stevie B and Mark Bristow - 1978
Drac - Early 1979
Steve (Cut Throat)
Paul (Dee Mented)
Andy Cooper of The Psychopaths
Steve (Cut Throat), Mark Redding, Mark (Zombie) - 1980
Lee Lobb
Ruth, Filf and Corpse
Phil Elsey and Dave Crix at Sally Finch's House
Rob Bannister and Mark Bristow at The Hope Hotel
Paul Eves of The Decibels
Ruth and Alien
Sue Hopkins
Sally Reynolds
Unknown and Annette
Filf and Annette
Sally Reynolds and Copper
Copper and Filf
Paul Elsey and Copper
Ruth and Sue Feather
Corpse and Ruth
Punk Rockers in The UK


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