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Southend Punk Rock History - Updates
Punk Rock
Updates - Page One
18.05.06 Vulture Squadron Profile Added
09.05.06 Punks Gallery One, Punks Gallery Two, Punks Gallery Three Updated
09.05.06 The Sweet Photos Added
05.05.06 Siouxsie & The Banshees + The Lords of The New Church Photos Added
05.05.06 Live Band Photos Section Added
04.05.06 Dave Collins Playlist Added
29.04.06 Le Mat Profile Added
29.04.06 Damarge Profile Added
28.04.06 Dave Crix Playlist Added
24.04.06 Artwork Gallery One, Artwork Gallery Two, Artwork Gallery Three Updated
20.04.06 Stripey Zebras Profile Added
19.04.06 The Get and 86-Mix Profiles Added
19.04.06 Post-Punk section added to The Bands List
18.04.06 Steve 'Devo' Thorogood Playlist Added
10.04.06 Record Labels, Cassette Labels and Video Labels Added
10.04.06 The Shops section updated
06.04.06 Strange Stories Added
03.04.06 The Spurts Profile Added
03.04.06 1977 + 1978 Gig Timelines Updated
21.03.06 Raw Power Photograph Added
20.03.06 Andi Schurer Gallery Added to the 'Safety Pins and Leopardskin' section
13.03.06 Mole's (Stax) Gallery Added to the 'Safety Pins and Leopardskin' section
12.03.06 Photographs added to 'The Punks' Section - Galleries One, Two and Three, courtesy of Mole's, Andi Schurer's, Gary Smith's and The Taste Experience's archives
08.03.06 Bill Bailey Playlist Added
01.03.06 Armless Teddies Profile Added
Punk Rock


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